Menno van Etten, is a trained physiotherapist originally from the Netherlands, living in Norway. For the last 32 years he has been involved in wheelchairs & wheelchair seating in different roles. Initially this involved carrying out wheelchair seating assessments, followed by giving seminars on wheelchair seating in Norway and later in other parts of Scandinavia. He has been a product manager for a wheelchair manufacturer, mainly involved with chairs for elderly and those with severe disabilities. Later he was a European product manager for a major international wheelchair seating system manufacturer. He has always had an interest in seating, specifically how what is considered normal i.e. to be seated at 90°, can be translated into wheelchair seating. More recently Menno's work has focused on the relationship between seating and lying positions in preventing physical deformities and pressure ulcers and how materials people are seated or lying on may help in preventing these situations. Menno has co-authored a number of research papers and a Cochrane Systematic review on his subject specialty. Menno works now for Permobil as a training and competence manager.

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