A concept chair for fun - or for the seriously devoted fan

Permobil's chairs can, as known, be manufactured according to many preferences and the customization workshop in Timrå has now designed a chair to support the local hockey team, Timrå IK.

The idea arose during an Operation Development meeting and the chair is a so called concept chair and will be used for marketing purposes on exhibitions and other events. It carries the Timrå IK colors, white and red, and has been equipped with some unique features.

The chair is originally a basic model which has been spray painted and decorated with the Timrå IK logo and gotten a special made leather seat. The lamps are placed higher than usual for cosmetic reasons and the chair is complete with a puck holder on the armrest. And of course, the underbody can flash in red, green and blue.

When developing these kinds of chairs, it's important to consider the copyright and trademark act and one may not use a name or logo without the concerned's permission. Timrå IK did agree to the making of the chair and its first official appearance took place during the Timrå IK game on January 26th, 2013, when the match puck was delivered to the game on ice by a Permobil user.

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