Explorer Mini

Permobil Explorer Mini

Powerful features
  • Maximize Early Learning

    The Explorer Mini is a developmentally inspired power mobility device designed to aid in the achievement of early childhood milestones by encouraging self-initiated movement for children with mobility impairments.

  • Developmentally Inspired Seating

    Intuitive design featuring integrated table and backrest is supportive and allows freedom of movement. While the adjustable saddle seat supports hip development and facilities functional sitting or can be removed for incremental standing activities.

  • Exploration Made Easy

    The Explorer Mini is a lightweight, easy to transport power mobility device that supports development and encourages self-initiated exploration. At a fraction of the weight of a typical power wheelchair families can take the Explorer Mini wherever they go allowing their child with mobility impairments the opportunity to explore and learn in home and community environments.

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Maximum User Weight:15.88 kgMax User Height:99.06 cmDriving Range:4 kmBase Width:48.26 cmGround Clearance:2.54 cmAntriebsradkonfiguration / Basis:FrontradantriebWeight Including Batteries:23 kg
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