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Available models
  • Panthera Cushion S3

    Available in width 33-50 cm and thickness 2,5 and 5 cm. Available in depth 40 cm for standard cushions, depth 35 cm for short cushions, and depth 45 cm for large cushions.
  • Panthera Cushion Custom Depth

    Available in depths 15-20 cm, 20-25 cm and 25-35 cm to accommodate the need for individual seat depths on wheelchairs. The cushion can be customised to fit the individual user by extracting and cutting the foam to fit the correct seat depth. The cushion cover is adjustable.
  • Panthera Wedge Cushion

    The Wedge Cushion is designed to accommodate users who need a more level seat angle. Made from foam rubber in seat depth 41 cm, the cushion can be cut to the seat depth of the individual user and placed under the user's seat cushion inside the cushion cover. The wedge cushion is 3 cm high at the back, giving a level seat angle for Swing and Bambino and halving the angle of the S3 and U3 models.
  • Panthera preTech Cushion

    The lightweight Panthera Pretech cushion is constructed with a sensaten base and cold foam layers and is available in widths ranging from 33 to 45 cm, with two seat depths: short (35 cm) and standard (40 cm).
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