Dreamline G7 Cushion

Dreamline G7 Cushion

Product Features
  • FLO2™ 4-Way Stretch Cover

    FLO2™ is an advanced high-performance 4-way stretch fabric that utilises an engineered warp knit design to naturally facilitate moisture wicking and air exchange, helping to keep users cool and comfortable. The properties of the material enable the fabric to conform to the contours of asymmetrical configurations whilst providing skin protection through maximum immersion.

  • Cluster Gel FLUID Pack

    Large dual cluster gel fluid packs mobilize efficiently to redistribute weight. The gel is contained in robust nylon woven dual layered bags with hook attachment to the comfort layer. The gel beans have their own inherent cushioning which can soften the feel of the cushion.

  • Comfort Wrap

    The comfort wrap with its FLO2™ cover, is smooth & soft rather than corrugated.The gel is contained inside a zip-up compartment at the rear for easier transfers.Split Legs for Improved Positioning.

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