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Core Values

Our Core Values

New Zealand (Aotearoa) has two official languages – Māori and New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL). Our whole country commitment to these languages and the cultural competencies that come with these is strong and evident in all that we do. Therefore, New Zealand leadership has developed our Permobil Core Values further to reflect the diversity of our people. These values support our staff, our users, customers, funders, government partners, and the iwi (tribal groups) of New Zealand. We are aligning our market position with the new health reform and the legislation that has created Te Whatu Ora (Health New Zealand) and Te Aka Whai Ora (Māori Health Authority) and New Zealand, as a country, drivers for co-governance across the board with the indigenous people (known as tangata whenua - people of the land). 


Each value has a personalised, designed icon which reflects the meaning of the value to our team.

  • Tuatahi – User First: The icon shows life/growth at the centre of what we do and the focus on being supported and kept safe.
  • Hautūtanga – Leading: The icon shows leadership as a) moving forward/upwards, bringing people/initiatives with them, and b) an overarching responsibility for new growth.
  • Whakawhirinaki - Trusted: The icon shows two entities aligning and being in the same space, co-existing, supporting, and providing reliability.
  • Ngākau Whiwhita - Passionate: The icon is a hook to go fishing for new ideas and knowledge with the patterns inside representing our people and their many skills, their energy, and their commitment that contribute to the hook as a whole.

We are proud to represent a truly global company within our local context.

Core Values
  • Tuatahi – User First

    The main focus will always be on the users of our products and services –bringing independence to them by providing the best solutions for their needs. We create solutions for individuals –and all the different lives and needs and preferences they come with. We aim to provide a user experience that can't be matched elsewhere.
  • Hautūtanga – Leading

    As an industry leader, we always put innovation at the forefront. This means providing technically advanced solutions with the highest quality in each market segment. It also means driving innovation forward by working with insights based on clinical data –we call it evidence-based innovation. We always strive for excellence and we get things done.
  • Whakawhirinaki - Trusted

    It's crucial that our users are confident that our products are functional, durable and reliable. But trust goes further than our users –our customers and partners also need to be assured that we care for them, share knowledge, and keep our promises. We uphold the highest standards of business ethics and integrity.