My capability is not based on your assumption

My capability is not based on your assumption

P R E S S  R E L E A S E   

“My capability is not based on your assumption” – Permobil and fashion brand Lou Dehrot show that diversity matters 

Stereotypical views, even when silent, can lead to entire societal groups being overlooked. Through a collaboration with the fashion brand Lou Dehrot and designer Louise Linderoth, Permobil wants to challenge attitudes and inspire others to see possibilities in every individual. The initiative pushes forward why diversity and inclusion matters. The first mutual project is a t-shirt to deliver the message "My capability is not based on your assumption".

Stockholm 2022-05-16. Clothes and fashion reinforce our self-esteem in who we are and what we stand for. At the same time, stigma shapes what others expect from you in life. Behind the fashion brand Lou Dehrot is Swedish designer Louise Linderoth, who creates clothes for people using wheelchairs. The brand was created to encourage reflection and to strengthen the belief that fashion is about the wearer, not the beholder.  

“We need more people like Louise, who want to inspire people to think differently and challenge the way we look at things. As a company, we want to create value for people and society at large, as it is through diversity that we can influence attitudes and create change. Through the initiative, we can empower Louise in her work as a fashion designer. Together, we want to drive change and create greater diversity and inclusion”, says Martinus Rönnerman, Vice President of Group Communications at Permobil. 

The message in Louise Linderoth's newly designed t-shirt, in collaboration with Permobil, "My capability is not based on your assumption" is a symbol of how we as people view each other without any real consideration.  

“Through my fashion creation, I have worked a lot with the issue of ableism, and conditions of not being judged on the basis of others' prejudice and preconceived notions. All individuals should be allowed to make their own assessment of their capacity, instead of being held back because of what others think you can do. The tools to make a change exist; it is the attitude in society that must change”, says Louise Linderoth, the designer behind Lou Dehrot.  

The “My capability…” t-shirt and the initiative is launched with a campaign headlined by six people using wheelchairs. They are all role models from Sweden, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands. They share their unique stories through this initiative, to reinforce the basic idea that we should always define people by who they are, not by our first impression.  

A limited number of t-shirts are available and will be available to order from Permobil.  

Ableism is a collective term that, among other things, refers to prejudices about the special treatment and exclusion of people with disabilities.

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