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Dr. Amit Gefen Receives High-Profile Career Award from the WUWHS/Journal of Wound Care

Dr. Amit Gefen is the recipient of the Career Award from WUWHS/JWC.

Dr. Amit Gefen Receives High-Profile Career Award from the WUWHS/Journal of Wound Care

St. Louis, MO. –  October 17, 2016    Dr. Amit Gefen, Professor in Biomedical Engineering and Chair, ROHO, Inc. Scientific Advisory Board recently received the Career Award for Advances in Pressure Care given by the World Union of Wound Healing Societies (WUWHS) and the Journal of Wound Care (JWC)The award ceremony was part of the WUWHS conference attended by about 4000 wound care professionals and held at the Fortezza da Basso in Florence, Italy. The WUWHS conference takes place once every four years and brings together the most important and influential wound care societies in the world.

According to the WUWHS, “These awards mark a new collaboration between the JWC and the WUWHS. JWC has become the exclusive publisher of WUWHS and will now produce a special edition for its members and the whole wound care community. The boards of JWC and WUWHS have been amalgamated, bringing together some of the greatest minds in tissue viability. To celebrate this partnership, we have brought these new awards to Florence, Italy.  These awards are like no other: they will chart the progress of wound care over the last four years, giving an opportunity to benchmark the global position of wound care and the work conducted in this therapy area.”

“Winning this high-profile career award strengthens the impact of my work and should encourage all involved in scientific research to continue to press forward, to ask questions to continue to seek more data to help others, and to assist in pressure injury prevention,” explained Gefen.  The presentation of this award and others was the highlight of the four-day conference.

Rachel Webb, editor, Journal of Wound Care, shared an excerpt from Dr. Gefen’s nomination, “Prof. Gefen has focused his efforts on the devastating problem of pressure ulcers in spinal cord injury wheelchair users, as well as in elderly and infirm populations. Pressure ulcers are unfortunately common in these populations. By taking a quantitative bioengineering, integrated experimental-computational and multiscale approach, which is unconventional in this field, he conducts significant and clinically-relevant research, which then translates to practice in terms of guidelines and technological advancements.

Gefen was also an invited speaker at the conference.  His lectures in Florence were invited by multiple international societies and the titles of his talks included, “Device-related pressure ulcers in neonatal and pediatric care” (invited by the International Society for Pediatric Wound Care), “Deep tissue injury in a nutshell” (invited by the European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel), and “The science of prevention of deep tissue injuries and technological developments” (invited by the WUWHS).

In addition to his own research at Tel Aviv University, Gefen works with ROHO, Inc. as chair of its Scientific Advisory Board.  The board is an effort to pioneer industry-academic partnerships in the rehabilitation technology industry and is breaking new ground.  Board members, including Gefen, are internationally acclaimed researchers and clinical professionals who are recognized leaders in advancing the science of pressure injury prevention, setting international guidelines and influencing public policy.


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