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We live in a world where connection is everything. Your chair should be no exception and now features built in technology which allows users to follow individualized seating regimens prescribed specifically by their healthcare provider.


    Utilizing an onboard wireless connection, the clinician is able to quickly pair their client’s Virtual Seating Coach to the wheelchair, program specific positioning angles and intervals, and begin monitoring their prescribed seating regimen through the online portal.


    The Virtual Seating Coach uses advanced algorithms to provide contextually aware alerts to end-users so they are only coached when out of compliance with their seating regimen. Real time feedback on the client’s smartphone will also show their current seating angles and time remaining in a repositioning sequence.


    Built with the clinician in mind, the Virtual Seating Coach portal allows you to review regimen compliance over time for multiple clients and make adjustments to seating positions and intervals as needed. Using the VSC portal, you can easily add new clients, assign clinicians, or send requests for co-treatment to colleagues.


    Advanced data collection not only allows clinicians to prescribe more effective seating regimens, it can also be used for benchmarking adjustments to clinical practice guidelines and creating solid evidence for medical justification.


Consumers with chair’s with the Virtual Seating Coach module or Permobil Connect can download the free VSC app on their smartphone and pair via Bluetooth to immediately view live seat actuator angles. For regimen coaching, user will work with their clinician who is able to prescribe individualized seating and positioning exercises via the clinician portal. The seating regimen including recommended amount of tilt, recline and legrest elevation hold times, as well as number of times per day the functions should be used is then securely transmitted from clinician’s portal via the cloud to users app. The app then provides alerts to the client when it’s time to reposition, and automatically adjusts to their habits. Clinicians are able to track the use of a prescribed regimen, remotely through the online portal, as data is recorded through the app.

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