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Introducing the new Corpus® HD, a heavy duty seating system designed specifically for users up to 450 lbs. The HD is the latest encarnation of the legendary Corpus seating system. Built with extremely sturdy arm and legrests as well as wide footplates, the HD maintains the legendary Corpus emphasis on both function and comfort and is currently offered on our M300 HD chassis. The Corpus HD is the ultimate in comfort with an unmatched power tilt range of 0 – 45° and an unprecedented recline of 85 – 150°. The ultra-strong actuators allow users to safely elevate their feet above their hearts, while the durable mesh-style upholstery helps keep moisture away from the body. Everything you’ve come to expect from the Corpus seating system. Only Stronger.

  • Power Elevator Detail
    Power Elevator

    8″ of total elevation.

  • Power Recline Detail
    Power Recline

    85 – 150° Power Recline.

  • Power Tilt Detail
    Power Tilt

    Up to 45° of tilt standard.

  • Elevating Legrests Detail
    Elevating Legrests

    Powered comfort at your fingertips.

  • Adjustable Legrests Detail
    Adjustable Legrests

    Extremely durable, sturdy legrests.

  • Adjustable Footplates Detail
    Adjustable Footplates

    Large, independently adjustable footplates.

  • Strong Armrests Detail
    Strong Armrests

    Designed for weight and stress.

  • Strong Actuators Detail
    Powerful Actuators

    High strength for seat functions.

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Corpus HD

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Legrest Elevation (POWER) 85° — 170°
Legrest Elevation (MANUAL) 85° — 170°
Armrest Pad Lengths 13", 16", 18"
335, 410, 460 mm
Seat Widths 19", 21", 23", 25"
470, 520, 570, 620 mm
Seat Depths 19" — 25"
470 — 620 mm
Backrest Heights 20"
560 mm
Tilt Options (POWER) 0° — 45°
Tilt Options (MANUAL) No Manual Option
Recline Options (POWER) 85° — 150°
Recline Options (MANUAL) 85° — 120°