Permobil Battery & Permobil VoltPro Charger

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Introducing the new Permobil battery & Permobil VoltPro charger

The new Permobil battery and Permobil VoltPro charger work together to provide you with up to 25% greater driving distance, reduced charging times and longer battery life.

  • High Performing Hybrid

    Permobil batteries are valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) batteries with a gelled electrolyte and an absorbed glass mat (AGM) separator. This combination, along with a unique battery plate design, allows Permobil batteries to deliver higher energy density and improved battery life.

  • Optimized Charging

    The new Permobil VoltPro charger delivers a unique charging profile that modulates voltage and current to completely and efficiently charge Permobil batteries. The optimized charging not only reduces charging time, it also helps extend battery life.

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Abilities Virtual Interview with Chuck Witkowski & Paul Amadeus Lane

Permobil has attended and supported the Abilities Expo for a number of years. So when the event for the disability community moved from an in-person experience to a virtual experience we were excited to be a part of the first Abilities Virtual. Below is a video of the interview between the president of Permobil Chuck Witkowski and Paul Amadeus Lane along with the transcript of the conversation.

Cushion Geometry: Linear and Contoured

There are three areas to understand when choosing a wheelchair seat cushion: methods of pressure redistribution, cushion geometry, and cushion medium. Today's blog focuses on cushion geometry.


Refers to a flat seat cushion
Can be a variety of mediums (foam layers, foam with gel, air, etc)

Taking a closer look at the K0005 ultra lightweight manual wheelchair

This is the 3rd blog in our manual wheelchair guide series. See the 1st blog and 2nd blog. Check out the Manual Wheelchair Guide to learn more.

So far in our manual wheelchair blog series we've taken a look at both the DME and CRT manual wheelchair options on the market. Today we're taking a closer look at the CRT K0005 ultra lightweight manual wheelchair.
Ultra Lightweight Manual Wheelchair Requirements

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Permobil Battery & Permobil VoltPro Charger

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Nominal Voltage Group 24: 12 V
Group 34: 12 V
Rated Capacity Group 24:
85 Ah at C20 rate
70 Ah at C5 rate

Group 34:
65 Ah at C20 rate
55 Ah at C5 rate
Dimensions Group 24:
L: 10.20” (259 mm)
W: 6.69” (170 mm)
H: 7.87” (200 mm)

Group 34:
L: 10.20” (259 mm)
W: 6.69” (170 mm)
H: 6.30” (160 mm)
Weight Group 24: 52.5 lbs (23.8 kg)
Group 34: 38.6 lbs (17.5 kg)
Battery Type Non-Spillable, Valve Regulated Lead Acid
Cell Structure Sulfuric acid SiO2 gel electrolyte with AGM separator