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Permobil Government Affairs: Quarterly Newsletter – June 2016

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Permobil Government Affairs: Quarterly Newsletter – June 2016


On June 1, the Government Accounta-bility Office (GAO) released their report on CRT Accessories required by the PAMPA legislation passed at the end of last year. Although it did not contain specific policy recommendations, the data examined supports our message to Congress that CRT accessories are unique and should be paid for separately by Medicare. The report and a more detailed summary can be found on the Government Affairs SharePoint.



Dave McCausland presented the “Compared to What?” presentation to the U.S. Rehab 212 group. If you were not able to participate in the latest webinar he conducted, we encourage you to listen to the audio file and read the other supporting documents.


As a titanium sponsor of the conference, members of the Permobil team will be participating in the conference and meeting with Congressman and Senators to advocate on behalf of our end users and industry.


Permobil is a diamond level sponsor of this event and will be exhibiting and also participating in Capitol Hill visits to promote and protect access to assistive technology.


Image of Darren Jernigan and John Goetz discussing CRT issues with U.S. Senators Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker
Darren Jernigan and John Goetz discussing CRT issues with U.S. Senators Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker


Unless you live under a rock, you are VERY aware that this is a Presidential election year and the politics surrounding such an interesting race also affects the real work that needs to be done. With everyone eager to go home and campaign in their districts, the Congressional calendars are much shorter. The plan is for them to begin the long summer recess after the second week of July, return for a short period in September and not come back until after the elections for what is termed a “lame duck” session. The Government Affairs Team has and will continue to work within these constraints to educate Congress about the importance of CRT and guarantee they will not go through with the cuts scheduled for the end of 2016. Please take the time to read the latest materials we are sharing in Washington and familiarize yourself with the current legislation aimed to protect CRT. Also be on the look out for alerts from our team so that we can respond quickly when legislation is moving.


Keeping up with reimbursement and policy changes in state Medicaid agencies is a constant battle for our reps, providers and end users. In an effort to help, Darren Jernigan has spent the last 6 months gathering information about each state. With the help of Mark Hicks in ICT, we have put together a State Medicaid Database that centralizes everything in one place. It can be found on our SharePoint site and also the sales team dashboard. The database has an interactive map for easy use and will work on your iPhones and iPads. Please check it out to provide feedback on how we can improve and where we can add more!


Image of John Goetz
John Goetz
Dave McCausland
Dave McCausland


As many of you are aware, Dave McCausland, Vice President of Government Affairs, is “diversifying” as he likes to say rather than retiring. His knowledge, experience and expertise in our industry are unparalleled and we greatly appreciate his leadership and advocacy. Fortunately, he agreed to remain on the team part time to help us continue the fight for our end users. John Goetz is now Sr. Director of Government Affairs and will assume the leadership role of the department. Please thank Dave for all he has done for our indus-try and if you see him, be sure to buy him a Guinness!

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