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Amy Burnett

Amy Burnett Testimonial

As I sit here and write a testimonial about a few products that I have had a love hate relationship
with, for so many years, in the past, due to the fact that no one wants to be or chooses to be in a
wheelchair. On, literally, the day of my 1/2 life birthday or as some call it their second chance
birthday. I am brought to my knees by “The Aah Moment,” that catches you off guard a few times
in your life.

Off guard because I am realizing now how much I love this community that I did not choose to
become part of. It has lifted me up and made me stronger than I could have ever dreamed to
become. Stronger through the people and in much part due to the products it offer has offered me.
(“This next paragraph I do not share with many outside of my inner circle, but I think in this case
it will help you understand my true love for your product.”) Off guard because 17 years ago I was
losing a battle with a pressure sore, one of many. My doctors called my family to come say their
good-byes. But, to everyone’s disbelief I pulled through and spent the next year of my life in a
nursing home, recovering from many surgeries.

I look back and its like watching a movie. It just doesn’t seem real that I am the same girl and this
is actually part of my life story, but it is and I can say that one product saved my life. And my
love affair with this particular product has actually come full circle, as I never would have
imagined, 17 years ago, that I would be asked to model for ROHO®. Nor would I have dreamed
that I would love the people that work for the company the way that I do. But, their hearts are so
large that I am overwhelmed to write this testimonial.

I also never dreamed that TiLite would offer to give me a brand new wheelchair, four years ago,
while I was working for Max Mobility. But, they did and I for the first time I realized what it was
like to sit in a chair that was formed to fit every aspect of my body. Not just to be a beautiful
chair, but as an extension of myself. I have been blessed too many ways to count but in this aspect
I am left speechless and I always have something to say.

The inspirational quote, Live, Laugh, Love is a common and somewhat over used quote, but in
my life, right now, on this particular day and time it is perfect to describe how I feel about these
products that have brought me so far in life. I live because these products have given me ways to
live, laugh because they have helped me find ways to laugh and love because I am still alive and
able to love family, friends, life and the products themselves.

If I were to write a note to the products themselves it would say:

To my TiLite TR Series 3 Black Edition I am not stuck in a wheelchair. I am rocking the coolest
murdered out Tilite chair I have ever seen. Including my Blade carbon fiber Spinergy wheels and
complete with my all black SmartDrive. The only thing that surpasses the way you look is the
amazing way you feel. You fit me like a glove and together we glide, as one, along any surface.
You have taken me to places I once had only dreamed. All the way to the tops of Mountains in
Sedona, Arizona to the beaches of Mazatlan, Mexico to my next trips in Spain and Hawaii. But,
most importantly you have given me the freedom to do anything I can dream. And my dream list
just keeps growing by the year as so many have already been accomplished. Thank you for
always being dependable and carrying me through every step of life. Hopefully to the 2020
Paralympics in Tokyo, Japan, my newest addition to the dream list.

To my ROHO®>Low Profile Quadtro, you have extended my life and given me more than I have
ever imagined. You are in my tennis and everyday chair and I take you everywhere like a security
blanket even the rides at Disney. Because I literally put my life into your hands and you never let
me down. You have given me so much and for you my family, friends and I are grateful.
Although my life has forever been changed goals have been met, new goals have been
established, and I will, thanks to Permobil and all of their products, live a long, health and happy
life with my many new friends and family. Thank you for your many years of continued support
through all aspects of my life. Your gifts and friendships are a tremendous honor and I am blessed
to have your love and support.

Sincerely yours,

Amy Burnett

“Permobil’s business units, ROHO® and TiLite are making a difference in so many lives. I hope
you will allow them to open your eyes to all the possibilities their products can give you. My life
has been tremendously changed and I am so glad I did and so is my family. Through them I have
been given peace of mind, freedom and my self esteem has been returned.”

Pictured with: ROHO® MID PROFILE® Cushion, TiLite TR Black Edition

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