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Bobbie Cherepuschak

The man wearing orange over all jacket with gun on the Wheelchair

My name is Bobbie Cherepuschak I just picked up my second Tilite ZRA today (august 1st 2014) and over the past almost 9 years I have used my first Tilite ZRA and when I picked it up in April 2006 my salesman at independent living in Regina Saskatchewan Canada told me don’t be afraid to beat the ever living hell out if this chair over the next few years we want to see how well it holds up to your off roading rough terrain so that’s exactly what I did! I’m a hunter and outdoors enthusiast and have been since 2001 I put my Tilite ZRA through hell and back over the last 9 years it’s almost totally warn out now but I never ever expected it to last as long as it did for me that right there proves to me that Tilite is the best brand of wheelchair to ever be made I also put frogleg front forks on it and those held up amazingly aswell! I would 100% recommend Tilite to anyone whether their just using it as an every day chair to move around or take it off-roading like I do I just got my second one today like I said earlier I placed the order July 7th 2014 and was stunned when my salesman at medichair in Regina emailed me to say it was shipped Monday this past week and crossed into Canada on Wednesday and delivered to medichair Thursday I then got an email from him lastnight about 845pm saying that my chair had arrived only 5 days after shipping again I was amazed at how fast it came in so I told him if he could have it inspected and ready to go I’ll be there to pick it up by 11am and the difference between my old one and my new one for lifting it into my vehicle is unbelievable it’s atleast a pound lighter then my first Tilite chair this picture below is a picture of me hunting in 2011 with my most recent trophy kill and myself sitting in my old Tilite! I think my next purchase will be a free wheel for the front of my chair to make it easier to move in the snow! I can’t thank Tilite enough for the absolutely perfect customer service and the quick shipping I received both this time and last time I ordered a wheelchair from you guys!! Keep up the excellent work!

Bobbie Cherepuschak

Tilite ZRA

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