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You inspire us. What you strive for – and what you achieve. We believe that what a person is capable of is never a question of ability. We’re proud to give you a forum where you can share your experiences with the world.

Daniel Larson

I’m an IT professional, and I am sitting in my wheelchair for at least 14 hours per day. On days where I play tennis after work, that can easily become 18 hours. After 29 years in a chair it finally caught up to me, and late last year I had some skin issues. I went…

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Greg Berry

I will start by saying that I believe that ROHO saved my life. I am 42 years old and have been disabled since birth. I use a wheelchair to get around. Prior to getting my first ROHO cushion when I was approximately 8 years old, I had been in and out of the hospital with…

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Evelyna Castro

I use ROHO wheelchair cushions because I want to avoid getting pressure sores as much as possible, and in my opinion, ROHO cushions have been the superior product for me. I am a Makeup/FX Artist and my body spends very long days in my wheelchair. It is comforting to know that I can depend on…

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Paul Tingley

I use the ROHO cushion because it is the best performing cushion that I can sit on. I don’t want to worry about my health if I don’t have to. And ROHO is the best product on the market for keeping the pressure on your skin the lowest. Paul Tingley – Halifax, Nova Scotia ROHO…

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Tamara Mena

ROHO cushions are not only comfortable and have outstanding quality and technology, they’re undeniably the best in the industry; but for me, they have helped me go after my dreams and achieve my goals. Furthermore, they have allowed me to live a daily life that is SAFE. By sitting on a high quality cushion, I…

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Ashley Personey

Since March 2011 I have learned to rely on my wheelchair as my lifeline. I have rare neurological disorders that have required me to undergo surgeries, but these disorders have left me with some deficits in my limbs. I also have a really rare kidney disease that causes muscle weakness. The combination of the health…

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Steven Hamilton

Being an active para for over 35 years, I’ve learned ROHO cushions keep me from having pressure ulcers. During my first 10 years of sitting in a wheelchair, I used foam and gel cushions. I encountered a few pressure ulcers and it took forever to heal them. Then, one day while waterskiing with some friends,…

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Terri Kacie

I have been a wheelchair user for 23 years and have never used any cushion other than ROHO. I have never had skin breakdown with ROHO, so I have never even tried any other products. I sometimes spend up to 18 hours in a day using my wheelchair, and I feel confident that my skin…

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Drew Mandac

As a cameraman and editor for one of the largest broadcasting companies in the world, I am constantly striving to promote positive change in the perception of wheelchair-bound employees at my workplace. Filming and editing require very long hours sitting in my wheelchair behind a camera or editing station and I absolutely require a seat…

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