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Jake Harker

Jake Harker

My 7 year old son, Jake was born with Spina Bifida, with the lesion being at the L3, L4 area. Because of this, he is not able to walk and has very limited use of his legs. He got his first wheelchair when he was 3, but very quickly grew out of it. The next chair was given to us by the company as a replacement, and although it was much too big for him, we made it work. It was heavy and bulky and didn’t maneuver easily, but again it was all he had, so we were grateful. Last year, he began school. I received several calls from his teacher to let me know how he was doing throughout the year. One thing that stood out to me was his lack of involvement in recess. He frequently sat on the side, and watched the other children play. When we asked him about it, he told us that it was just too hard to get where he wanted to go in his chair and it made him too tired, so he would just watch the kids. This was heartbreaking to us, because we want him to feel like he can do anything other children can do. We want him play and have a good time with his friends, but his chair wasn’t allowing him the freedom to feel like he could.

He used that chair until August of this year, when he received his new TiLite ZRA series 2. We picked it up on a Friday afternoon, and were amazed at how absolutely perfect it was for Jake! It is HIS chair. Everything from the tiniest measurements, to the color of the frame was custom made for him! He loved it immediately and set out to show everyone his new chair. As his mother, I will say that my favorite feature is the weight of the chair. Being made of Titanium, it is super lightweight which means increased mobility for Jake and a lighter load for me to load into our minivan. {bonus!}

What I have loved most about this chair is watching Jake’s confidence rise. He no longer feels like he can’t keep up with his friends and siblings. He is able to go where he wants to go, without having to rely on someone else for assistance. This chair has been so freeing for him, you can see it in his eyes! The best news of all came a few weeks after he got his new chair. The Vice Principal of his school pulled me aside to tell me that since having his new chair, she had noticed a change in Jake. He was more confident, and most of all, he was playing at recess! Going where he wanted to go and doing what he wanted to do!

Thank you TiLite for giving my son the freedom and independence he has been waiting for!

Tiffani Harker

TiLite ZRA series 2

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