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ROHO Helps Honor Disabled Veterans with Custom-Designed Cushion Donation

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS, November 17, 2014 – During a Veteran’s Day commemoration ceremony at the historic Alamo, 40 wounded service members were honored with the gift of custom-built Segway® transporters.  Of those, four were Ally Chair Adapted Segways outfitted with ROHO® cushions and ROHO® AGILITY™ backrests.  These donations were made possible by Segs4Vets to improve their mobility and independence.Segs4Vets ceremony 4

The honored veterans served in either Operation Iraqi Freedom or Operation Enduring Freedom in Iraq and Afghanistan. Twenty five of the 40 veterans lost limbs during their service. They now carry a permanent reminder of their military service and will for the rest of their lives.

Segs4Vets is ranked as one of America’s best charities by the Independent Charities of America and has received the prestigious Spirit of Hope Award from the Office of the Secretary of Defense. Jerry Kerr, President and Co-Founder of Segs4Vets presented the specially adapted Segways on Wednesday, November 12, 2014 at 10:45 a.m. at a public ceremony during the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce’s annual Celebrate America’s Military week.

This year’s presentation is the fourteenth time specially adapted Segways have been presented to recognize veterans. Four of the 2014 recipients received an Ally Chair Adapted Segway. The Ally Chair is a new, universally designed recreational device, which is currently only available through Segs4Vets. The Segs4Vets program transforms the traditional Segway transporter into a seated mobility device for individuals who cannot use prosthetic devices.  Plans are underway to expand the offerings of Ally Chairs utilizing ROHO technologies for eligible veterans.

ROHO_SEGS4VETSThe Ally Chair utilizes ROHO’s seat cushions and AGILITY™ Backrests to provide skin protection, positioning and comfort for the user. ROHO’s unique cellular-air design constantly adjusts to an individual’s body movement and adapts to their changing shape. The adjustment and conformity of the cells accommodate and meet the one-of-a-kind skin integrity needs for each veteran throughout the day. This year alone, ROHO has donated $32,000 in engineering and customer manufactured products in support of Segs4Vets’ mission.

In addition to those who lost limbs, other recipients either sustained spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, severe burns, developed cancer, or suffered severe orthopedic, neurological and soft tissue damage which makes it difficult or impossible for them to walk without assistance or pain. Studies show the lack of mobility is a greater obstacle to employment than blindness. Many are being treated at the Brooke Army Medical Center at Fort Sam Houston. Military medical centers have incorporated the Segway into rehabilitation since Segs4Vets began awarding the transporters nine years ago.


Segs4Vets is a program of Disability Rights Advocates for Technology (DRAFT). The program is dedicated to restoring independence and productivity to severely injured service members as part of DRAFT’s core mission to expand and improve access for all disabled people. Segs4Vets has awarded more than 1,300 Segways since 2005 and plans to continue the program to meet the ongoing needs of the thousands of worthy applicants who served in Iraq and Afghanistan.  As a charitable organization, $0.94 of every dollar goes towards providing equipment and services to veterans.


ROHO is the worldwide leader of seating solutions that prevent and treat pressure ulcers and tissue deformation. ROHO’s technology provides skin protection and positioning in a variety of applications; from wheelchair cushions, to therapeutic mattresses, to wheelchair backs and more.

ROHO’s products deliver life-changing benefits, offering comfort and protection to people relying on wheelchairs for mobility.  ROHO is the pioneer of air-cell based cushions, and created DRY FLOATATION TECHNOLOGY® mimicking the pressure-redistributing properties of water. With over 1 million ROHO products in use in over 80 countries worldwide, clinicians can be confident in prescribing ROHO products.  Plus, all ROHO products are backed by an unmatched level of clinical evidence from leading researchers around the world.

With the increasing focus on patient outcomes and safety, ROHO’s established technology is paramount in treating the over 2.5 million patients suffering pressure ulcers annually and reducing the $11 billion in annual healthcare cost for the treatment of pressure ulcers.


Dan Hughes
Director of Marketing –ROHO, Inc.

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