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ROHO, Inc. Scientific Board Presents the Latest Tissue Injury Research at recent European Seating Symposium

ROHO, Inc. Scientific Board Presents the Latest Tissue Injury Research at recent European Seating Symposium

St. Louis, MO.  August, 2016 – At the recent European Seating Symposium (ESS), held in Dublin, Ireland, the ROHO, Inc. Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), presented their most recent findings in a seminar, “Improving Patient Outcomes:  Bridging the Gap Between Science and Efficacy.”

The SAB consists of top scientific researchers in the area of bio-engineering, bio-mechanics, bio-medicine, all focused on the prevention of deadly pressure injuries.  ROHO has formed this esteemed Scientific Advisory Board of top researchers, educators and practitioners in order to guide and educate  the ROHO company regarding the latest scientific discoveries around pressure injury prevention.  They additionally advise in the pursuit of the best care and prevention solutions for users of wheelchairs, based on the latest science and evidence.

Members of the Scientific Advisory Board formed in 2014, are sought after worldwide to present their findings.  The esteemed board is chaired by Dr. Amit Gefen, Tel Aviv University, Israel, and additionally includes  Dr. Dan Bader, University of South Hampton, United Kingdom; Dr. Cees Oomens, Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands; Dr. Joyce Black, University of Nebraska, USA; and Dr. David Brienza, University of Pittsburgh, USA.  Each of the board members presented their most recent findings to approximately 800 attendees at the international conference.

Kara Kopplin, Senior Director of Efficacy and Research for ROHO, Inc. convened the annual meeting of the SAB and ROHO, with expanded participation from throughout the Permobil family:  Hrvoje Medic, Regional Manager; Arne Comperolle, Regional Training Manager; Dan Hughes, Director of Marketing for ROHO; and Darren Hammond, Sr. Director of ROHO Institute, Continuing Education and Research.  The forum allowed the SAB and other business units of Permobil to share their expertise across academia, industry and clinical care areas to enhance collective knowledge and further the science and prevention of injuries for those who use wheelchairs for mobility.

ROHO, Inc.  continues to lead the industry in scientific research which is translated into new and improved air-cell based seating options for a variety of diagnoses.


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