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ROHO Introduces Smart Check®

ROHO Introduces Smart Check

The world’s first personal electronic cushion security device delivers confidence, independence and peace of mind, at the push of a button

ST. LOUIS, March 18, 2015 –ROHO, Inc. (ROHO, Inc.) a leader in air-cell-based wheelchair seating solutions since 1973, recently unveiled Smart Check™, the world’s first personal electronic cushion security device, giving wheelchair users real-time feedback on proper inflation levels for their ROHO cushions. Smart Check was introduced at the 31st Annual International Seating Symposium Conference, where it was well received by the more than 2,000 ISS attendees.

In 2012, ROHO conducted an extensive research study to learn what enhancements and features could make ROHO cushions even better. The invention of Smart Check was a direct result of that study.  By partnering with clinicians and consumers in this new product’s development, ROHO has made it easier to ensure ROHO’s leading skin protecting cushions are maintained and set up for maximum protection. For clinicians, Smart Check electronically stores a recommended cushion inflation level for each individual client. More than ever, clinicians can feel confident knowing that their clients are getting the most out of their ROHO, known as the world leader in pressure ulcer prevention.

“The launch of Smart Check is an important milestone for ROHO,”said ROHO’s President, Tom Borcherding. “It is an exciting new innovation that demonstrates ROHO’s priority to make our support surface technology accessible to even more people.”

To learn more about Smart Check, please visit Smart Check.

The Issue:

Pressure ulcers are a serious public health issue that costs the American healthcare system over $11 billion each year2. Pressure ulcer, previously know as bedsores, are fast to develop, extremely expensive, hard to heal and potentially fatal, but can be prevented. In the U.S., nearly 60,000 patients die each year from complications linked to hospital-acquired pressure ulcers 3 –that’s nearly twice the number deaths caused by motor vehicle accidents. 4  The cost to treat one single full-thickness pressure ulcer is approximately $70,000.2    

As deadly and costly as pressure ulcers can be, they remain a daily concern for the 3.6 million Americans who use wheelchairs for mobility5.  But ROHO is changing that.

In parallel with the development of Smart Check, ROHO has been actively pursuing research to expand the healthcare industry’s understanding of pressure ulcers and deep tissue injuries. This research led by Dr. Amit Gefen Tel Aviv University recently explored the impact of seating from the surface to the cellular level using MRI technology and finite element modeling. The research findings revealed that air cell cushion surfaces reduce internal tissue stressed that cause deep tissue injuries 10,000 times more effectively than other commonly prescribed wheelchair cushions. The full study results were published in the month/2014 issue of the Journal of Tissue Viability.

“We have always been confident about the high-level of skin protection our cushions offer, but now with research demonstrating these incredible benefits, we have an obligation to make ROHO’s even easier to use for the health of people at the greatest risk for skin breakdown, that’s where Smart Check comes in,”said Susan Lynch, ROHO’s Senior Director of Marketing.

ROHO’s U.S. launch today marks the first market for Smart Check, which will be distributed globally by the end of 2015.

About ROHO, Inc.

ROHO is a leading global wheelchair cushion manufacturer. Specializing in seating solutions with shape fitting technology® since 1973, ROHO, Inc. manufactures and distributes a variety of standard and custom-size wheelchair cushions and accessories, back systems, and support surfaces. Made in the United States for over 40 years, ROHO provides outstanding manufacturing controls for proven and consistent quality. For more information, please contact customer service at 800-851-3449.


Product photo available upon request

Media Contact:

Dan Hughes
Director of Marketing –ROHO, Inc.


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