Support / Firmware History


See OVER-THE-AIR UPDATE (OTA) INSTRUCTIONS (CLICK HERE) for getting the most up-to-date firmware on your device.

Firmware Version 2.1:

  • Increased size of PushTracker OTA image to allow for further improvements in the future

Firmware Version 2.0:

  • Added dynamic SwitchControl Button indication so button LED(s) indicate power assist and driving state
    • If PushTracker / E2 is connected and / or switch control is enabled LED(s) will flash in different patterns.
    • If motor is driving LED(s) will be solid.
  • SmartDrive can be configured to Momentary or Latched SwitchControl Modes
    • In the default Momentary Mode the SmartDrive will start driving the motor by ramping up its speed to the configured SwitchControl Max Speed only while one of the buttons is being held.
    • In Latched Mode, the SmartDrive will start ramping up its speed to the configured SwitchControl Max Speed while one of the buttons is being held. When the held button is released, the SmartDrive will remain driving at the current speed. Deactivate the driving by pressing a button.
  • SmartDrive SwitchControl has its own configurable Max Speed setting which is independent of the Max Speed setting for the PushTracker / E2
  • SmartDrive is now configured to beep once whenever its state is changed to power assist ON
    • This state change can be from a PushTracker / E2 and SwitchControl button(s).
    • This indication setting can be disabled either through the SmartDrive MX2+ app on your PushTracker E2 or using the PushTracker Mobile app on your smartphone if you do not have an E2.
  • Added ability to view most recent SmartDrive Bluetooth connection strength to the “About” Settings Menu
  • Added support for sending and receiving SmartDrive SwitchControl configurations to / from PushTracker Mobile app and SmartDrive

Firmware Version 1.6:

  • PushTracker can now receive push detection settings from smartphone app(s)
  • PushTracker now sends current push detection settings on app connection initialization
  • Adjusted default push detection settings on the PushTracker
  • PushTracker now shows a checkmark during smartphone connection indication if it successfully connects or is already connected to the phone when the user initiates the connection

Firmware Version 1.5

  • Added Estimated Drive Range (EDR) to PushTracker
    • Displayed on the PushTracker’s battery status screen.
    • Estimates distance left based on past SmartDrive use and current SmartDrive charge level.
  • Simplified pairing process for SmartDrive and with PushTracker app
    • If the App is not paired then pressing the right button on the PushTracker to connect to the App will take the user into the “Pairing to App” Settings Menu screen.
    • If a SmartDrive is not paired then pressing the left button on the PushTracker (“SD ON”) will take the user into the “Pairing to SmartDrive” Settings Menu screen – useful when needing to re-pair after an OTA.
  • Displays OTA progress bar on its screen when the PushTracker is receiving OTA data
  • Updated Permobil company logo branding when booting PushTracker from sleep

Firmware Version 1.4 / 1.3

  • Added EZ-ON gesture control for power assist / “SD ON / OFF”
    • Configuration – see “SmartDrive Settings” section of PushTracker User’s Manual (click here)
      • Off by default.
      • Can be turned on / off in PushTracker Settings Menu after selecting the “Control Mode” (MX1 / MX2 / MX2+).
      • Can also be configured within the app.
    • Operation – see “EZ-ON Power Assist Ready” section of SmartDrive MX2+ User’s Manual (click here)
      • Holding the PushTracker level with the screen facing up, the top blue LED will light up indicating that EZ-ON is active. While the top blue LED is illuminated, double tapping the screen will toggle power assist / “SD ON / OFF”.
      • There is a 15 second timeout for turning “SD ON”, after which the top blue LED will turn off and the PushTracker orientation will have to be changed before EZ-ON activates again. There is no timeout for turning “SD ON / OFF”.
  • Added more Errors to the PushTracker and SmartDrive for logging
  • PushTracker send SmartDrive “Total Distance” for display within app

Firmware Version 1.2

  • Improved PushTracker battery status display
  • Extended PushTracker Settings Menu timeout from 7 to 15 seconds
  • Added button action icons to PushTracker Settings Menu
  • Added “About” screen to PushTracker Settings Menu which displays:
    • PushTracker (PT), SmartDrive (SD) and SmartDrive Bluetooth (BT) Firmware versions
    • Most recent Error, date and description
  • Enabled logging of PushTracker and SmartDrive Errors into the app
  • PushTracker sends propulsion data to PushTracker app while connected
  • PushTracker sends “Journey” propulsion data to PushTracker app while connected during a “Journey”