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Frequently Asked Questions

What are TiLite’s hours of operation?

Pasco, Washington
7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. PST, Monday through Friday, excluding major holidays.

What is TiLite’s return shipping address?

An RMA number issued by TiLite’s Customer Service Department must accompany all returns and must be clearly written on the outside of the package being returned.

All returns should be sent to:
TiLite RMA Department
2701 West Court St.
Pasco, Washington 99301

Where can I find the serial number of my chair?

All TiLite chairs have a black and silver tag that indicates the serial number. You will not likely be able to see it while seated in the chair. It will not contain any letters, only numbers.

Folding Chairs
The serial number is located on the left side frame on the bottom of the chair.

Rigid Chairs
The serial number is located on the welded cross bar located directly under the seat upholstery.

Can I access chair specifications from previously built TiLite chairs online?

Yes. You may use our Serial Number Lookup to get all the specifications on any TiLite chair. Don’t see your specifications or need more information? Feel free to contact our customer service team at 800.545.2266 or by email at with the serial number and they will be happy to assist you.

I need parts for my TiLite chair: can I purchase them directly from TiLite?

TiLite parts are only available for purchase from TiLite authorized dealers. Find a list of Authorized TiLite Dealers in your area.

TiLite no longer builds my model of chair: why? What new model is most comparable?

We are constantly updating our wheelchair designs, and it is sometimes necessary to stop production on older models. We will do our best to meet individual needs with our existing product line and maintain a small inventory of parts for discontinued models. Many design changes are made to improve the original models as newer innovative technologies become available. If you are not sure how to choose a new model, contact an authorized TiLite dealer in your area. They are there to help you with the process of choosing a new TiLite chair or getting you parts to maintain your current model.

Find a list of Authorized TiLite Dealers in your area.

How often does a TiLite chair require service or maintenance?

TiLite chairs should be serviced by an authorized TiLite dealer at least once a year. Your wheelchair should be inspected weekly to ensure all components are tight and working properly. Never use a chair with missing or broken components. Please refer to your owner’s manual or relevant supplemental information for details.

If my chair needs service, who do I call?

If your chair needs service, please contact the dealer who originally provided your chair. If you do not remember who provided your chair, TiLite keeps a record of dealers for your reference.

Find a list of Authorized TiLite Dealers in your area.

Does TiLite offer a transit tie-down option?

Yes. Transit Tie-Downs are available on the ZRA, Aero Z, Aero X, and TWIST models.

Is a TiLite chair compatible with a lock down system for vehicle travel?

TiLite T-series chairs have successfully passed WC 18 crash-testing requirements with the QLK-150 system by Q’Straint. TiLite does not recommend the use of a lock down system with any other TiLite wheelchairs.

Does TiLite offer demo chairs?

Yes. Examples of all of TiLite’s wheelchair models are available as demo chairs in the field. To arrange to view or trial a TiLite chair, contact a local TiLite dealer and they will work with the local sales representative to organize an appointment. Please note that the demo chairs available may not be the exact specification you are looking for, but each final order is customized to meet your specific needs.

Find a list of Authorized TiLite Dealers in your area.

What is the weight capacity for TiLite chairs?

A weight capacity of 250 lb. is standard for most TiLite chairs. TiLite offers a Heavy Duty option on the ZR, ZRA, 2GX, and Aero X chairs that can accommodate 300 lb. to 350 lb. Chairs that are smaller than 12″ by 12″ have a 165 pound weight limit.

What is a uni-lock wheel lock?

Uni-Lock actually stands for “Universal Lock.” It is a wheel lock with several adjustment points that allow you to change handle angle and engagement direction. These features are designed to improve the users function by adjusting the wheel lock to better meet their needs. The Uni-Lock does not operate the wheel locks for both wheels with one handle.

What is the difference between the composite scissor lock and the aluminum scissor lock?

Composite scissor locks allow you to have access to the wheel lock from the side of the chair to engage them easily. The wheel lock does not retract completely under the seat when disengaged.

Aluminum scissor locks retract completely under the seat when not in use giving them the best clearance. The user of the chair must be able to reach under the seat to engage this style of lock.

What is the spoke count for the spinergy wheels offered by TiLite?

Spinergy SPOX
22″, 24″, 25″ – 18 spokes
26″ – sport hub, 24 spokes

Spinergy LX
22″, 24″, 25″ – 12 spokes
26″ – sport hub, 18 spokes

How wide is a TiLite folding chair when folded?

Once the wheels are removed the TiLite 2GX and Aero X measure about 9.5″ across for non-tapered frames. If you leave the wheels on, folded width will vary based on wheel type and position.

What do the numbers on the sidewall of the tire mean?

The numbers on the sidewall of the tires are the metric measurements in millimeters of the diameter and width of the tire.

451mm = 20 inch
501mm = 22 inch
540mm = 24 inch
559mm = 25 inch
590mm = 26 inch

25mm = 1 inch
37mm = 1 3/8 inch
50mm = 2 inch

*We also offer a 507mm rim which is a specialty size used with the higher profile 24″ knobby tire. The tall profile of the tire makes this rim and tire combination a 24″ wheel.

What is the ergonomic seat and what does it do?

The Ergonomic Seat is a custom option available on the TiLite TR and ZR wheelchairs. It creates a bend in the rear of the seat frame that allows for little movement of the pelvis and for many people increases seated stability. This is a fixed option and should not be used for first time users or users who are not sure of their optimal seated position. If you feel this may be an option for you, you should contact a seating clinic or dealer in your area to complete a thorough assessment. To be effective, it must be combined with a wheelchair cushion that is able to conform to the shape of the frame.

Can I have a TiLite built for use with a power assist system?

All TiLite chairs are compatible with the E-Fix and E-Motion systems built by Alber and distributed in the United States by Frank Mobility. If you are ordering a new TiLite chair, it must have the power adaptable frame, 0 degree camber, and aluminum front wheels. Unfortunately, this cannot be retrofitted to an existing frame that has not been built with a power adaptable frame.

TiLite can check the specifications of your frame for you if you provide the serial number. If you chose to mount any power assist system on a non-power adaptable frame, the warranty will be void on any aspect of the chair affected by the added power assist system.

TiLite EZ-Ti

What does EZ-Ti enable me to do?

The EZ-Ti Online Sytem allows you to:

  • Build a chair and see your selected options as you go.
  • Request a quote or revise prior quotes.
  • Place an order or convert a quote to an order.
  • Receive quotes and order confirmations in less than 30 minutes.

Other than the quick turnaround, why should I use EZ-Ti instead of the printed order forms?

EZ-Ti offers many benefits over the printed order forms:

  • Ease of Use: Easier and more efficient to use than our printed order forms.
  • Visual Aids: See photos of your selected options as you choose them.
  • Error Prevention: Alerts eliminate invalid entries and ensure all sections are complete.
  • Guide Mode: Learn about the compatibility requirements of chair options.
  • Go Green: No need to work with printed PDFs – it can all be done online.

What do I need to do to get started?

Providers and Rehab Professionals:

  • Go to EZ-Ti and complete the registration form.
  • Once registered, use your email and password to submit EZ-Ti quotes or orders.

End Users and Others:

  • You can start exploring immediately!

Do I need to fill out my EZ-Ti in the order that the sections appear?

No. You are not required to go in any order. In fact, we highly encourage using the navigation bar to move throughout your EZ-Ti to explore different options and choices. However, once you are ready to complete your EZ-Ti, we recommend filling it out in order from start to finish so that you do not miss any sections.

Do I need to fill out every EZ-Ti screen?

Yes. You must fill out every EZ-Ti screen in order to submit a quote or place an order. However, you do not have to complete all the screens before emailing or printing what you have done so far. Please note that e-mailing your EZ-Ti does not put your quote/order into the system. Please always use the submit button to get your quote or order into our system.

What is the Guide Mode feature?

Turning Guide Mode on tells EZ-Ti to display all compatibility requirements for every option. This is a great way to learn about the availability of various options and what may be required in order to make those options valid selections. And remember, Guide Mode is just for your own knowledge! EZ-Ti has built-in logic that will always guide you whether you have Guide Mode on or off.

Can end users utilize the EZ-Ti system?

Yes! End users have full access to EZ-Ti, and it is an excellent tool to see available options and become familiar with chair measurements. The only feature that end users cannot utilize is the ability to request a quote or place an order. Those steps must be completed by a rehab technology provider.

Can I make special requests or write in notes?

Yes. There is a “Notes” field at the end for you to write in notes or special requests when you submit your EZ-Ti. All notes will need manual review by TiLite customer service, but you can still submit them through EZ-Ti.

How do I email or print my EZ-Ti?

Click the “Submit / Email / Print EZ-Ti” button on the top navigation bar. Remember, you do not need to complete your EZ-Ti before emailing or printing what you have done so far. However, please note that e-mailing your EZ-Ti does not put your quote/order into the system. Please always use the submit button at the end of your EZ-Ti to get your quote or order into our system.

What is the turnaround time after I submit my EZ-Ti?

When you submit a standard EZ-Ti order or quote, you will receive an email with your EZ-Ti confirmation attached in less than 30 minutes, and often in less than 10 minutes. However, if your EZ-Ti contains special notes, it will need to be reviewed by TiLite customer service before you receive your confirmation.

Can I revise an EZ-Ti quote or convert an EZ-Ti quote to an order?

You will be able to re-quote or convert your quote to an order directly through EZ-Ti. All you need to do is make changes and resubmit.