Dreamline Sidewinder Suspension System

Dreamline Sidewinder Suspension System

Key Features
  • Adjustability

    The backrest retains its width, height, depth, and angle adjustability.
  • Replaceable elastomer pads

    The energy-absorbing pads can be changed to alter resistance levels.
  • Travel & Tilt Lock

    The system enables the backrest to be locked and unlocked for safe travel.

*RENSA Position on the Application of Dynamic Seating (Nov 20, 2020): https://www.resna.org/Portals/0/RESNA%20Position%20on%20the%20Application%20of%20Dynamic%20Seating.pdf

**The Sidewinder Suspension system has been successfully crash tested to ISO 71716-19 & WC20 for forward facing travel in a motor vehicle. When occupied in a motor vehicle, Dreamline backrests must only be used on wheelchair frames which provide four anchorage points & pelvic belt anchor points which comply with the requirements of RESNA WC-4:2012, Section 19.


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