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It’s in the details
  • Preserve health

    WaterProof Stitching (WPS®) – a seamless ultrasonic welding of patterns is used and prevents water and moisture to leak into the orthosis. This ensures a good hygiene and long lifespan of the orthosis.
  • High comfort

    The upholstery is cut to exactly match the shape of the orthosis which provides extra comfort.
  • Long durability

    Seam Tape Bonding (STB®) is applied to both stitched seams and seams that have been welded using WaterProof Stitching. It also reinforces the seam strength.
Upholstery – options
  • Vinyl

    Vinyl is made from PVC and is used for the outer upholstery coverings. This extremely strong, durable and easy to clean product is ideally suited for the upholstery of seats.
  • 3D airmesh

    Airmesh can be used for the upholstery on the inside of the seat. It is a 100% polyester material. Thanks to its open structure, it offers optimal comfort and natural ventilation.
  • Platilon

    Another material that is suitable for the upholstery on the inside of the seat is Platilon. A strong hypo-allergenic PU coating is applied to a stretch fabric, making this material flexible, waterproof and easy to clean and disinfect.

Upholstery – customization

Focus on durability and the perfect fit

  • WaterProof Stitching (WPS®) is an advanced technique for the seamless ultrasonic welding of the upholstery to guarantee 100% watertightness.
  • Thanks to Digital Drape Upholstery (DDU®), we’re able to upholster in shape rather than by stretch. The process involves digital measuring the object, followed by CAM (computer aided manufacturing) to cut out the patterns. Finally, when all parts are put together, it matches exactly the shape of the object.
  • We work exclusively with the new generation of special high-speed triple feed sewing machines. These machines achieve a very high stitch quality, both for the stitching that is visible and for attaching and fixing the seams.
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