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Our supply chain

Permobil’s commitment to responsible sourcing

As a leading provider of complex rehabilitation technology, Permobil is strongly committed to sustainable and responsible sourcing. We are aware that operating a global supply chain responsibly requires us to do our utmost to minimize our environmental impact and secure respect for human rights within our value chains.

Supplier Code of Conduct 

In line with Permobil’s vision of being a trusted business partner, and to enable our suppliers to meet high standards of business ethics, Permobil has launched a Supplier Code of Conduct. All Permobil suppliers are expected to implement action to fully comply with the requirements outlined in this Code of Conduct.

Delivering outstanding product quality throughout the supply chain

Quality Counts. Quality lies at the heart of Permobil’s promise. From the outset of our foundation, we have been inspired by the idea of delivering outstanding product quality and safety. With a user first mindset, reliability of our products and services and the experience of our users are our guiding stars in all of our decisions.

Permobil believes in collaboration and partnership. We are passionate about continuous improvements, and believe that the best results are achieved through working together. We recognize that committed business partners and suppliers enable us to make life better for our users.

Supplier Quality Manual

To support and facilitate a seamless collaboration with our suppliers, we have gathered some of our most important requirements and expectations on our suppliers in Permobil’s Supplier Quality Manual. All suppliers to Permobil are expected to adhere to the principles, practices and tools outlined in this manual.

This is a prerequisite for joining Permobil’s supplier family and our way of ensuring quality assurance throughout our supply chain.

Permobil’s terms and conditions

If you are a Permobil supplier or third-party distributor, you can access the minimum terms and conditions of cooperation with all Permobil entities here: