Permobil Joystick Module w/Bluetooth
R-Net Permobil LCD Joystick

Permobil Joystick Module w/Bluetooth

Powerful Features
  • Joystick Programmable Buttons

    Programmable Buttons

    All buttons on the new PJSM can be reassigned for more customization. The soft keys are preprogrammed for lights and key functions with unique presets for standing/anterior tilt. A short press activates function 1 while a long press will activate function 2.
  • Joystick Infrared

    Infra-Red Control

    Control TVs, DVDs, Cable/Satellite, or environmental controls and on screen cursor display for applicable devices.
  • Joystick LCD Screen

    Light Sensor

    Built-in light sensor automatically adjusts screen brightness.

The new Permobil Joystick Module is intended to provide the user with the most advanced and compact control module available today. With new assignable buttons that offer shortcuts to Modes, Profiles, individual seat functions and many other features, the wheelchair is more accessible than ever. The PJSM also includes a programmable 1/8” switch jack to provide even more flexibility. Encased in an aluminum housing with a larger 2.75” display and enhanced graphics, Permobil is raising the bar once again.

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Permobil Joystick Module with Bluetooth Flyer
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