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Scientific Report: Guidance to individualized cushion selection based on performance metrics

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Considering the full range of individuals’ needs when selecting a cushion

This scientific report contributes to filling the gaps between clinical decision making, individual need assessment and the lack of sufficient scientific evidence for cushion selection. Individuals’ needs are essential to be considered when selecting a cushion alongside performance considerations for skin protection and stability and balance.

Performance metrics based on ISO testing

The performance metrics for skin protection and stability & balance are based on results from ISO testing (International Organization for Standardization) published online November 2021 by the University of Pittsburgh’s Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center (RERC). Primary performance metrics were chosen by using guidance from the Clinical Practice Guideline.

Using statistical parameters, and for each of the performance metrics, thresholds were determined to categorize cushions into lower priority, typical, or higher priority for individual’s needs. The primary performance metrics with thresholds will be presented in this report and allow to categorize any cushion for which data on these performance metrics are available.