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Powerful Features

  • Unmatched Power Positioning

    ActiveReach and ActiveHeight combine seamlessly to put your world within reach. With up to 45° of ActiveReach forward tilt capability and up to 14” of ActiveHeight seat elevation, the Permobil Corpus seating system is built with quality from the ground up and features technology that enables you to easily find your perfect position for the task at hand.
  • Customise your ActiveReach

    The ActiveReach position shouldn’t be one size fits all. Customise your ActiveReach sequence for a position that is functional for your daily life.
  • Power footplate articulation

    Take advantage of a programmable footplate height to ease transfers and help maintain positioning when using ActiveReach.
  • 10º | Assists with stand pivot and lateral slide board transfers. Overcome fixed hip angles and maintain a functional line of sight.
  • 20º – 45º | Programmable backrest and legrest angles ensure stability and function as you move into a fully tilted position. The removable knee block maintains positioning throughout.
  • 30º – 45º | Position footplates to the ground negating the need to flip up footplates for safe transfers.
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