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Case of Excellence: Scott

Meet Scott, a F5 VS user since November 2019

Meet Scott: A community activist, clinical psychologist, and pet owner who resides in Mississippi, United States. Scott met with us to discuss his experience with mobility equipment over the past ten years. 

Scott is living with Multiple Sclerosis, which presents with fluctuating symptoms from day to day and so the impact to his daily life will vary as well.

Looking at the way equipment impacts the whole person, here are a few considerations that Scott has to keep in mind when selecting and using his power wheelchair:

Body functions and structures (physical and anatomical)

  • Muscle weakness in arms and legs that is progressive
  • Spasticity that increases throughout the day
  • History of pressure injury on his sacrum from previous equipment 
  • Motor and Cognitive fatigue 
  • Difficulty with verbal communication

Activities (tasks or actions to complete)

  • Dressing himself
  • Transferring to the bed or commode/toilet
  • Preparing meals, which he only eats once a day to conserve energy
  • Standing (for exercise and health, not for functional tasks)
  • Caring for his home and pets 
  • Grocery shopping 

Participation (involvement in life)

  • Past Chairperson with various organizations including Mississippi Coalition for Citizens with Disabilities and National MS Society
  • Volunteer with City of Jackson ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act)

Environment & Personal Factors

  • Lives in a home in an urban setting in Mississippi, USA
  • Pets: Maggie & Misty
  • Has a ramp built to accommodate 2 steps into his home, internal doorways are very narrow due to age of the home
  • Uses public transportation primarily 
  • Late 50s
  • Current equipment: Permobil F5 Corpus VS with ROHO® single valve cushion.


* Images kindly provided by Scott.