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Permobil Total Control Head Array

Powerful Features
  • BodiLink MAX 8 Mounting Hardware

    The BodiLink MAX 8 mounting hardware offers superior hold and a wide range of head array positioning. Thanks to this hardware, the adjustability is nearly unlimited and can accommodate a variety of complex postural and positioning needs. It even includes the ability for lateral rotation, the option to add extra links for additional range of adjustment, plus an optional flip-down mounting hardware that allows it to swing back 120° away from the individual’s head for transfers.
  • Permobil Swing-Away Lateral Arm Hardware

    With 25% greater strength, and outward-facing screwheads for quick adjustments, side sensor positioning has never been simpler or more secure. Permobil’s swing-away lateral arm hardware also features an easy-release latch that requires less than 1 lb of force to activate.
  • Occipital Pad Cover

    The upgraded occipital pad cover, measuring 4” x 6”, improves user comfort while reducing friction and is easily removable for cleaning.
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Total Control Head Array User Manual
Alternative Drive Controls Brochure