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Funding Resources

This is a list of various programs, non-profit organizations, government bodies, and other resources that can help families receive funding for mobility devices.

Multiple Provinces:

March of Dimes
March of Dimes Canada provides a wide range of services to people with physical disabilities throughout the country. Their mission is to maximize the independence, personal empowerment and community participation of people with disabilities.
Tel: 800-263-3463

Easter Seals
Easter Seals provides programs and services for children and youth with physical disabilities across Ontario. They help with equipment funding, recreational activities, scholarships, etc.
Tel: 416-421-8377 / 800-668-6252

Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada
The MS Society of Canada supports people affected by multiple sclerosis by organizing programs to help deal with MS. The society offers assistance to those with MS who have limited financial resources and no other agency or source available. They assist by providing equipment or financial assistance to acquire a new piece of equipment or pay for repairs on current equipment (based on financial need).
Tel: 800-268-7582

Muscular Dystrophy Canada
Muscular Dystrophy Canada’s long-standing equipment program has assisted thousands of individuals in obtaining the equipment needed to enhance their quality of life. By working with other funders and government, they share resources to best leverage donor dollars to cover the costs of assistive devices and equipment.
Tel: 800-268-7582

Ceridian Cares
Ceridian Cares is a charity organization that was set up in 2003, with a mission to be an employee-driven charity that makes a difference by supporting people and improving the communities in which we live and work.
Tel: 866-313-2827

ALS Canada
ALS Canada provides access to equipment through the loan equipment program, funding assistance programs for some leased and rented equipment, and flexible funding program for small bathroom equipment.
Tel: 416-497-2267 / 800-267-4257

Veterans Affairs Canada
VAC provides veterans of Canada services and benefits as per their needs and eligibility. They aim to help all veterans as respect and recognition for their services.

NOTE: Many local community groups (Kiwanis, Lions Club, Legion, Kinsmen, Rotary Club, Freemason, etc.) also provide different kinds of support. Reach out to your local chapter for more information.



BC Rehab Foundation
BC Rehab aims to improve the lives of people living with disabilities in British Columbia. BC Rehab fulfills individual needs, such as personal mobility equipment, when individuals cannot afford to purchase such items on their own.
Tel: 604-737-6383

Cerebral Palsy Association of British Columbia
The Cerebral Palsy Association aims at assisting those living with cerebral palsy to reach their maximum potential. They provide funding for mobility equipment.
Tel: 604-408-9484 / 800-663-0004

Funding from Variety helps to cover costs for medical care and services, mobility equipment, specialized therapies and developmental programs not covered by private or public health plans. The Children’s Charity provides direct help to children in B.C. with funding for medical care and services, mobility equipment, specialized therapies, and education.
Tel: 604-320-0505

Ministry of Children and Family Development
The Ministry of Children and Family Development’s primary focus is to support all children and youth in British Columbia to live in safe, healthy and nurturing families and be strongly connected to their communities and culture. It is focused on funding for children with special needs under the age of 18.
Tel: 800 6637867



Alberta Aids to Daily Living (AADL)
AADL helps residents of Alberta living with long term disability and terminal or chronic illnesses by covering part of their medical equipment and supplies expenses. An assessment by a medical professional determines what the person can receive through the funding.



The money raised at TeleMiracle provides resources to residents with specialized needs for medical assistance and equipment, such as conversions or adaptations for vehicles, Power Chairs, and Specialty Standing chairs, etc.
Tel: 306-244-6400

Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital
Founded in 1992, the Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation is a provincial charity based in Saskatoon that supports pediatric and maternal health services in the areas of patient care services, research, and equipment enhancements.
Tel: 888-808-5437

Saskatchewan Aids to Independent Living
Saskatchewan Aids to Independent Living (SAIL) provides assistance to people with physical disabilities to live a more active and independent lifestyle. It also helps people in the management of certain chronic health conditions.
Tel: 306-787-7121



Manitoba—Home Care Services
Manitoba—Home Care Services provides support and services to people who need assistance with daily living or other health services. Equipment and supplies may be covered after assessment by a case co-ordinator.

Manitoba – Disability and Health Support Unit
Manitoba – Disability and Health Support Unit assesses requests for equipment and other health-related items on behalf of financial assistance programs offered by the province of Manitoba.



Assistive Devices Program (ADP)
Assistive Devices Program (ADP) is an initiative undertaken by the Ontario Ministry of Health. ADP provides funds to Ontario residents who require assistance for their long-term physical disability. ADP contributes towards the purchase of medical equipment by covering part of the cost of wheelchairs, specialized seating, etc. NOTE: We have created summary sheets showing which Permobil manufactured and distributed products are covered by ADP funding. Please click here.
Tel: 416-327-8804

Alzheimer Society of Ontario
The Alzheimer Society of Ontario established in 1983 is the province’s leading care and research charity committed to helping people with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias.
Tel: 416-967-5900

The Arthritis Society
The Arthritis Society founded in 1948 is a national health charity. Empowered by volunteers and donors, the society was established with a goal to alleviate the sufferings of people affected by arthritis.
Tel: 416-979-7228

Assistance for Children with Severe Disabilities
This program provides financial support for low to moderate-income families to cover some of the extra costs of caring for a child who has a severe disability. They help cover part of travel to doctors’ appointments, hospitals and other appointments related to the child’s disability, wheelchairs and other assistive devices, including repairs, etc.

For The Needy Not The Greedy
For The Needy Not The Greedy endeavors to supply a wide variety of medical equipment and assistive devices to individuals or organizations in need when resources are available.
Tel: 289-296-8079

For the Love of a Child
For the Love of a Child is a children’s charity organization that helps families in bridging the gap in cost between government funding and private insurances for equipment and supplies.
Tel: 905-725-7411

Nadine Dee Chiu Memorial Fund
The Nadine “Dee” Chiu Memorial Fund helps families or individuals receiving supports and services from Community Living Toronto to pay for community-based programs or to buy assistive devices that are not covered or fully funded by the government.
Tel: 647-729-1210

Ontario Federation for Cerebral Palsy
The Ontario Federation for Cerebral Palsy has an Assistive Devices Funding Program which provides financial assistance to the organization’s Members with cerebral palsy to purchase or lease assistive devices. Members of all ages can access this funding. Items that have been approved over the past year include: wheelchairs, car seats, hospital beds, lifts, commodes, and more.
Tel: 416-244-9686

Canadian Paraplegic Association of Ontario (Spinal Cord Injury Ontario)
The Canadian Paraplegic Association of Ontario was founded in 1945 by World War II survivors, ones who had sustained the spinal cord injuries. The institution empowers the spirit of moving forward and living life despite the overwhelming challenges.
Tel: 416-422-5644

Ontario Disability and Support Program
The Ontario Disability and Support Program is one of the major programs of the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services. The institution helps to build communities that are resilient, inclusive and sustained by the economic and civic contributions of all the Ontario residents.
Tel: 416-325-5666

Workplace Safety Insurance Board
Workplace Safety Insurance Board is one of the largest organizations in North America, covering over five million people in more than 300,000 workplaces across Ontario. The institution covers the provision of wage-loss benefits, medical insurance, and support to help the individuals get back to work.
Tel: 800-387-0750



Vehicle Retrofitting and Accessible Vehicle Program
The Department of Transportation and Infrastructure is partnering with Ability New Brunswick on a pilot project that will see the non-profit organization administer the province’s vehicle retrofit program. This program is designed to increase the mobility of persons with a disability residing in the province of New Brunswick by providing financial assistance towards the cost of supplying and installing eligible retrofitting and accessibility features for vehicles.

If you have funding questions, please email and we will do our best to assist you.

NOTE: Permobil Canada does not endorse or support any specific program or services mentioned here.

This information is only a guide. Please let us know about any other organizations that support funding of mobility devices and we can share them here.