Comfort M2 ATI

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Powerful Features
  • QuadraGel

    QuadraGel pack helps to redistribute pressure for comfort. The pressure-relieving gel assists in reducing shear forces and protects your skin from breakdown. With four compartments, the gel is evenly distributed and prevents gel displacement. The addition of the gel pack enhances the longevity of your cushion.
  • GlideWear® Shear Reduction Panel

    As an embedded upgrade to the Stretch-Air and Comfort-Tek cover options for Comfort cushions, GlideWear technology further reduces your risk of pressure injuries and enhances end user comfort. It is lightweight, breathable, and reduces moisture buildup for micro-climate control to protect your skin. By reducing the amount of friction, it reduces the daily stresses on soft tissue and the probability of skin breakdown from the effects of shear.

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